My Headache Attack

I dont know what actually happen. But, it isn’t rare to be getting headache every time my head exposed the sunlight. Although just in a few minute. How stupid! And I wont drink a drug to heal it. I just need to vomiting and it need coercion. Argh…ridiculous! After that, my headache will be terribly painful and I will take a sleep immediately. Than, my headache appear..that’s all. That habit has existed for twelve years.

Anyone, do you know what actually happen to me? I’ve asked my doctor, but she said that nothing happen. I hope so..

But, I need the medical explanation. Please answer if you know something…


2 thoughts on “My Headache Attack

  1. Ping-balik: Personal Diary Cluster Headaches Day 1 - The Beast Is Back | Personal diary cluster headaches | Cluster Headache Treatment

    • Wow! thank you very much for the link! i see some people who have the same condition with me. and i guess theirs worse. it seems like so many treatments i can try if my headache return. Thank you.. >.<


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