the first moment u’ve talked to me, I’ve seen something special. I started to feel like i could tell U everything And I’ve started to do it. U have helped me when I needed it the most, Always cheering me up Even when I was hopeless. I was negative, but U were positive. I’ve screamed at U cause of my pain. But, U forgived me. I will always feel guilty cause of that. I am sorry to have screamed. I am dying cause of it, so I made this first, but not last, poem for u.

Cause of you I realised love is not

Impossible and more importantly

If could also be friendship without falling in love with one person

U’re so nice to me

U’re so kind with me

U’re sweet when U talk

I like the way U think

I like the calm with which U resolve smoothly situations easily

U mean very much for me

I swear to always do my best to help

U when U read it if U ever need

A shoulder to cry

A shoulder to take a hold on

I’m here

If U need someone to talk

I’m here too

If U have trouble and dont know how to take rid of it

I will be here to help U too

I’m your best friend forever

No matter what trouble U’re in

Tell me

And if I can help U

Then I’ll do it

U’re my sister

Even if we’re not related by blood

I’ll never betray U

If do I’d rather kill myself


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