Somehow, I really love drawing my wall room. And it was making my mother crazy. I remember the first time I stood in front of my wall at my bedroom. The wall was so empty with its pale color. So annoying.. then I took my pencil and scratched some lines. It was about 5.30 pm and my head full of imagination about forest. I finally awared that some lines which I scratched were making bamboos. I was enjoying that moment very much. I finished my sketches with full of happiness. That was amazing, you know?! Adzan maghrib had filled the air and I realized, “Ottokke!! What would my mom scream to me?!” Hahaha, unfortunately my mom past my bedroom and found me standing on my bed appeared before the wall that full of pencil scratches. And…(you wouldn’t want hearing what happen then)

That’s my hobby now. Sketching my wall as much as I want. And still, my mother doesn’t like it. Haha. Sketches in my bedroom is really annoying my mom because my bedroom is in the first floor and facing our guest room. So, when it time for salat, our guests will use my bedroom for it and, of course, will find my amazing sketches. Haha.

Now, I have another room. It is in the second floor. Yippy! And I can do anything I want for now on! Well, that was what I’ve thought before. Huhu. When my room almost finished in the construction, my wall was still covering without paint. It was white anywhere. And just like a canvas! I took my pencil and drawn some shapes. I was really happy and begged my parents to dont paint my wall. But it was two days left after that. When I backed from campus I found my wall at my room covered with yellow paint. Ouch, it was really irritating me! I was crying and my parents found my eyes red. Than they were sorry for me and explained some reasons. Hm, well the reasons were right, I guess.

So, now I am ready for new canvas in my room!! These 3 month campus holiday will be my chance for sketching anything as much as I waaaaannntttt!!! Yahooo!!!

Then, these is some common sketches in my wall!! Then, I hope you enjoy them!! 😀


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