Regeneration in Campus. Is it okay?

Pengkaderan a.k.a. Regeneration. It is a common word in most of colleges in Indonesia. My campus has it too. Regeneration is well known as some bullying traditions from seniors to their juniors. Somewhat its rumor has been getting worse and worse. So freshmen will anticipate and fidget thought. And so did I. When i was still a freshman, i was getting worry about how my seniors in pharmacy will treat me. “Is it well or is it bad?” I had just tried to be innocence in front of them. Khekeke.. 😛

My faculty has its own traditions and rules for its freshmen. It is about how to dress, how to speak to seniors, how to walk in front of seniors, where to okay or not okay to go pass, and so on. You can say it was really bound and thigh to yourself. You may not care and go straight to your way, but the penalty will be received by your friends. So cruel… (-_-)‘ *sigh

Last year, because of some circumstances, the regeneration will has been ended up soon. Up ‘till now, some faculty (the executive of student) in my college still hold up the tradition and they are allowed, but some do not. In my opinion, it will be good for continuing the tradition. There are so many good things have been happened since then. I love my life in college after I passed that cultural.

I have so much fun every time I remember anything about my past.

We had trainee at night for The Show that we will lead in Bina Akrab for our seniors. Really tired, sweat, and full of youth spirit!! Yay!!

After had one by one steps to become student that our seniors admit, we continued to the last step as a freshmen, we will make a bigger show that all of people in campus can see us and ‘admit’ us. For us, it doesn’t matter about the ‘admit’ meaning, but to make people happy and experience something fun. Hey, that was our first big show, dude! Hehe. Well of course it cost of money, so we tried anything to reach our goal. With my friends we sold foods, drinks, and pins.

While we made money, we kept trainee at night before the show. Don’t worry, it was holiday.

This picture had been taken when we did evaluation a day before the show. So sleepy…. *snore

This was the hall that we lead the inauguration. A day before the show case! Prepare your self!!

Five hours left before show! *gyaaahhh

The technical crew was serious

Behind the scene. One hour left!!!

The audience registrations! Wowowow…

And then, the time had arrived! Come to think of that, we prayed for a long time before the show. Haha, i guess it was for calming ourselves.

The audience filled the chair and waiting for us. O_O


Oh, well Solut10 is our name. The 2010 freshmen as pharmacy student in Universitas Hasanuddin

Our hottest and stupid MC. LOL :’D

And the show had ended casually with tears of ours. T_T So meaningful… Oh my, that moment was so good, we did anything every single day together. Eating, watching movie, praying, laughing, crying, studying, anything. Thanks to everyone who supported us!! Who said that seniors will just bullying you?! They actually really care about your existence. Finally the admit us, and finally WE ADMIT THEM too. Who knows, people that always beside us were them. When we need support it always our seniors that help us. I love my seniors in pharmacy!!

We performed many things. One of them was Tari Indang. It was a traditional dance from Minangkabau, Sumatera. It is officially containing 13 people, but we performed with 22 people. hahaha! wanna see us? This is the video [i m not good at uploading video on youtube. Sorry it end up with really shaking image in the whole video. 😛 hehe]



Haha, dont mind me, this just my friend jokes at class. This pictures was so nostalgic and i just have my brave for posting this because now my friend in this pic is finally be the one of assistant in lab. Wkwkwk


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