How TO Make Brown Sugar?

Hi! Have you ever heard Gula Merah a.k.a Brown Sugar? Yeah, that is one of important food ingredient in Indonesia. Somehow, we have been used it since long ago. Brown sugar is used in meals or drinks. And as a tradisional ingredient, some people make it themselves.

I did not aware that for making such two handful of brown sugar, that was so easy! Some weeks ago, i did my field work in Luwu Timur. I got many interesting experiences and one of them is Making My Own Tradisional Brown Sugars.

Than, continue to read this posting!

For this example, people here make brown sugar with Air Nira or Sap Water. Sap Water is fresh juice from coconut palm tree. The sap is extracted and collected by a tapper. The sap is a white liquid that is very sweet and non-alcoholic before it is fermented. (wikipedia)

First, the containers that are made by coconut shell are prepared. This time we use Gamal Leaves for covering a hole in the shell end. We can use another leaf which has smooth and soft texture.


Second, the leaves and shells are washed with clean water.


Then, sap water is boiled until the white liquid become brown.


Then, while boiling the sugar, place Gamal Leaf on the hole until it is covered.

CIMG1581CIMG1579 CIMG1587

After that, when the sugar is thick enough, lift it than continue to stir it for avoiding stiffening.


Quickly, Scoop the sugar to the coconut shells! Ouch, be careful, the sugar is so hooott!!


Let it cool… well, only 5 minutes.


Press the covered hole with your fingertip !


While pressing it, take the brown sugar with another hand. Hot, hot!


Release Gamal Leaf that still stuck in the brown sugar.


Tadaa! Finally, your Brown Sugar is ready !!



Me and my friend, Nuri made these..

Located : Bahari Village , Wotu , Luwu TImur


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