After long ago, finally I have time for making this posting about The Sims again. This time I made tutorial about How to make your own house in The Sims 3. Last posting was using The Sims 2 : Life Stories and posted using bahasa Indonesia so only specific people could read it.

Intro : This time I will make a house for a couple who will have a baby. So sweet! The mother is an artist and has painting as her hobby. And the father is a scientist who has Gardening as his hobby than for the mother I plan to make a little gallery and for the father I plan a little garden. Of course, I will make a room for party and so on…

Well, stop talking, now let’s continue reading my posting!!

First of all, lunch your game and select your family or make your family as usual in last version.

4 5 2

After choose a lot, click Built Mode. Now, click Foundations and Decks and drags it in the lot as you want!



Than Click Stairs and Railing for making the stairs. and adding fences by click Fences.


Don’t forget to built walls. Click Walls and drag it on the foundations. You can choose Create Walls or Create Rooms depending on your creation.

Ow, look, we have a house without windows and doors here. Haha. Just click and click. Windows, Doors, and what you needs. I told you, it depends on your own creations right?


Cover the wall with Click Covering Walls. By clicking Paint Contiguous Area you can paint all room without press Shift in keyboard for getting same result..


A little tips. When you want to cover the wall just click one of paint and drag it around the wall and if you are wrong, just press CTRL while press Left Mouse and drag around your wrong painting.


Click Roofs for making roof automatically or just press Page Up three times. Choose the color!


Swimming pool. Come on, make it one or two. Click Page Down three times and drag where you want it. Oh, you can change the walls and floors by using Paint Floor or Walls.


Click Terrain Paints for making such a ground, Grasses, Sands, etc. With all tools, create your garden.


Okay, I shall stop now. This is the end of this tutorial. Inside the house, I leave the imagination for you. Just click Buy Mode and you can create your room as your own that you can’t do in reality. Hiks,,

Well, somehow money will stop your creation. Haha, than if you want to, here how to cheat by adding $50.000 in your cash. CTRL + SHIFT + C than write MOTHERLODE.

These are some references for your rooms…

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